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High-end Earners in
Arkansas ( Top 10% )
median annual wage
median hourly wage
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  • Understand blueprints and computer-aided design (CAD) files
  • Operate different types of machine tools
  • Monitor the various machines
  • Examine completed products to make sure they meet standards
  • Communicate with customers to adjust products as needed
  • Understand various cutting and measuring tools for a variety of materials
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Logan Johnson
High School
Magnolia High School
Where I Trained
University of Arkansas Hope–Texarkana
What I earned
Associate of Applied Science in General Technology, Industrial Technology Certification: Machining* *Logan also earned other degrees in psychology and business, but they were not required fo

"I enjoy the variety of the projects that we work on and the sense of satisfaction that comes with completing my tasks to the best of my ability. I also really appreciate the opportunity to learn from other seasoned professionals in my field, which allows me to gain even more skills beyond the classroom."

The work is gratifying! Machinists work with a precision that is challenging and technical, but highly satisfying.

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