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High-end Earners in
Arkansas ( Top 10% )
median annual wage
median hourly wage
  • Troubleshoots and provides technical support
  • Processes complication reports from users to find and fix underlying problems
  • Coordinates software/hardware installation
  • Test software performance
Landon Roberts
Technical Analyst
High School
Portageville High School
Where I Trained
Arkansas Northeastern College
What I earned
Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems and Microsoft Office Specialist certifications

I get to have a career that didn't put me thousands of dollars in debt. I also have the option to take classes while I work. I can learn as much as I want and go as far as I want."

"My options for progressing my career at Nucor-Yamato are unlimited. I’m able to take training courses over anything IT related. If I want to learn programming, I can take classes. If I want to further my education in networking, there are classes … everything is paid for, other than furthering my degree to a bachelor’s or master’s, which I would still get some financial assistance for."

"We get to see a lot of new technology and test new products out. Like cell phones, computers, VR headsets and cameras — basically anything new that comes out right before Christmas that everybody wants to have. Also the pay is great and the benefits are awesome!"

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