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Arkansas ( Top 10% )
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  • Set up, monitor and operate the machines
  • Calibrate the settings of the machines for temperature, speed and cycle times
  • Feed material into the machines and remove the finished products
  • Use gauges and measuring instruments to test finished products and ensure they meet specifications
  • Record production numbers
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Tommy Crews
CNC Technician
High School
Valley Springs High School
Where I Trained
North Arkansas College CNC program and on-the-job training
What I earned
Certificate of Proficiency in Engineering

"When you’re tearing into something like a problem and you figure it out, it’s a pretty good feeling. Writing programs, doing changeovers for different parts, it makes the time go by pretty fast. It’s pretty nice. I just like the variety of things."

Tommy started out doing production for Pace Industries. After a few months, his boss asked him to take a CNC class so that he could be a CNC technician for the company.

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