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BE PRO BE PROUD VIRTUAL REALITY MOBILE WORKSHOP – The massive Be Pro Be Proud trailer made its way to Rison and Woodlawn High Schools giving students an opportunity to see and test out through virtual reality some of the high-paying skilled and technical positions available in the workforce. (Left Photo) Rison High School’s Tyler Hudman (in seat) tries his hand at using an excavator to load a dump truck while fellow students Noah Derrick (left) and Blaine Dixon (right) look on. (Right Photo) Woodlawn High School’s Dylan George (left) watches David Farrer put down a welding bead inside the Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop.

Right behind that student is another throttling a locomotive up an incline while another is trying their hand at laying down a welding bead. Another student, meanwhile, is strapped in the seat of a semi-wheeling it through a simulated town.

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